Healing happens in connection.

It's easy to lose connection to ourselves amidst the daily noise and speed of life.

And when we lose our ability to tune in, we simply cannot cultivate self-trust, foster healing, and recover from things as quickly... or see things as clearly.

I support women in reconnecting to the wise messages of their bodies - cultivating self-trust so they can strengthen how they listen to their bodies and show up for themselves.

I've helped practitioners - cranial therapists, bodyworkers, movement educators, psychotherapists, coaches, healers, and healthcare providers - to engage with their work, the world, and themselves with increased confidence, less burnout, and greater integrity in their practice.

I teach touch and trauma recovery work with the intention to deepen all of our skills and understanding as we each embody the work and make it our own.

I've supported hundreds of inspiring clients to renew their relationships to themselves and live more fully. 

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I've supported hundreds of women all over the world as they heal old wounds, navigate stressful transitions, reclaim parts of themselves that they've been missing, and reconnect to their body, voice and innermost wisdom. Click the link to learn more.

For nearly ten years, I've been facilitating gatherings, retreats, and trainings to cultivate stillness, reflection, personal integrity, compassionate living, and connection with self and others. My specialty is providing deeply restorative, transformational spaces.  

Offering inspiration, free resources, private sessions, and support for women and the practitioners that work with them.


Welcome. I'm Caitlin.
Cranial therapist. Teacher. Mentor. Facilitator.

 I'm in private practice in Santa Barbara and Solvang, CA where I specialize in craniosacral therapy for women, children, and newborns. I've spent the past ten years studying trauma, self-compassion, meditation, as well as many forms of bodywork: abdominal therapies, Ayurvedic bodywork and Eastern traditions of healing for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Through my clinic, retreats, and mentoring, I help women recover from stress and difficult transitions in their lives in a way that connects them more deeply to their intuition, natural rhythms, and the beauty and wisdom of their bodies.



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Trainings, Workshops, and Retreats

From private sessions to week-long retreats, we make space to reflect, recharge and re-emerge.
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"When we’re awake in our bodies and senses. The World comes alive. Wisdom, creativity, and love are discovered as we relax and awaken through our bodies." - Tara Brach

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