What is craniosacral therapy?


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle form of healing that encourages optimal health and vitality by using light touch to release restrictions. With an in-depth understanding in the functions of the human body, craniosacral therapists work under the framework that symptoms of disease are the manifestation of an imbalance within different physiological and energetic systems. We “listen” with our hands to get a full picture of your health. Treatment can therefore tackle your main complaint along with any accompanying problems and also boost your overall strength, energy and immune system.

In my practice, I integrate craniosacral therapy, additional therapies (acupressure and Ayurvedic bodywork), and movement as needed to help restore balance in the body on physical, mental and emotional levels.  This aids promotion of optimum health and wellbeing and can be safely used alongside conventional medical treatment and during pregnancy.

(If you’re not sure, please consult with your healthcare provider before booking.)

Craniosacral therapy is recognised as a beneficial treatment for many different conditions and is safe for all ages.  Every increasing scientific and medical research is confirming the beneficial results of this clinically effective manual therapy.

How does it work?

Whether or not we notice it consciously, things are in constant motion throughout our body –blood, lymph, interstitial fluids, electrical nerve impulses, muscles, fascia and our organs – all in a bid to maintain homeostasis (balance) and to support the physiological needs and functions required for our work, play, exercise and rest.

Sometimes, things go wrong and don’t work as well as they could.  Certain organ, muscle or physiological systems can become taxed and overworked because others are struggling to keep pace or can’t function well due to injury, illness, or long-term stress.

As trained craniosacral therapists, we learn how to feel the rhythms and tissues of your body to locate where there’s already vitality as well as feel for the 3 C’s: compression (in the structure), congestion (in the fluids), and contraction (in the tissues). All organ systems and physiological functions in the body are to be constantly interacting with each other in an interdependent, regulated cycle.  If things are out of kilter for any reason, they can start flowing disrupted which upsets the balance of everything within the cycle causing excesses in some areas and deficiencies in others.  These imbalances are viewed holistically, in combination with each other to find the root cause of the imbalance.  I then place my hands in specific areas to remind the body of it’s natural flow and function and to clear blocks and strengthen vitality in order to return to optimum health.

What does treatment involve?

Initial consultation involves a full assessment (including details of your main complaint, general health and lifestyle) and your first treatment; follow-up appointments include a short review of your progress and any necessary treatments. The number and frequency of treatments required varies depending on the duration and severity of your illness or injury; this will be discussed during your consultation.

During treatment, you’ll lay down (fully clothed) however most comfortable and I’ll place my hands at different places to feel the rhythms.  Gentle touch stimulates your body’s natural healing response and helps return it to a more balanced state.  As the tissues start to release, you may feel tingling, twitching, heat, or pulsation; sometimes you may fall asleep.  Most people report they feel deeply relaxed and even transformed.

I see you are licensed in massage. Do you offer massage to your clients?

Although I am a licensed massage practitioner, I don’t currently offer massage. My passion is helping people struggling with chronic stress and illness find deeper lasting relief that they haven’t been able to find anywhere else. I’ve chosen to focus on craniosacral work because I believe it is the most effective method for accomplishing this goal.

That said, I do integrate acupressure, Ayurvedic bodywork, abdominal massage, and various bodywork techniques as needed in treating a variety of conditions. Most of what I do can be done with you fully-clothed.

What kind of training do craniosacral therapists receive?

Well, unfortunately, that can really vary. Some take a couple weekend courses and learn techniques to use.

In my case, I am a fully-certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, which means that I studied for two years, receiving over 700 hours in education. My training included anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, embryology, as well as somatic studies, pre and perinatal psychology, and trauma resolution. In addition, biodynamic craniosacral therapists receive extensive training in mindfulness practices, stress management, and restorative practices, to help us be models for self-care and teach others how to carry it on themselves.

Why are some craniosacral therapists cheaper?

Well, like any profession, the location of practice, level of expertise and education, plus demand of practitioner can dictate the overall rate.

In my case, I provide plenty of one on one time with each client. I set my rates so that I know that I can deliver quality care for each individual - responding to calls, sending resources and support via email, and practicing what I preach - staying balanced and fulfilled!

I have a wealth of knowledge from my graduate studies in Chinese Medicine combined with years of yoga therapeutics, meditation, satsang, bodywork training, and integrative nutrition and coaching studies. In a way, I’m a one-stop shop and many times clients feel comfortable “doing less” with other doctors, therapists, and alternative practitioners so they feel it is worthwhile as they need less and less.

I’d also like to make the distinction that there is a difference between someone that uses craniosacral “techniques” in a bodywork session versus someone that has studied the therapeutic process in-depth and learned how to guide someone in accessing a new level of health while resolving traumatic memories or major emotional challenges in life.

As biodynamic craniosacral therapists, we are trained to not only evaluate clients’ bodies using skilled, refined touch, but were also taught how to support you in having a deeper connection to your sense of wholeness, which can have a transformative effect in how you see yourself and relate to everything in life. The most common words clients use are “deep, profound, and transformative.”

With all that said, please understand that I am NOT a therapist, nor a doctor. I do not practice medicine, nor do I diagnose or treat diseases or medical conditions. I focus my practice on promoting health and optimal function. My services are not meant to substitute or replace those of a licensed physician and clients in my practice are advised to be under the care of a licensed physician wherever they reside.

I use natural, noninvasive methods alongside craniosacral therapy such as whole foods nutritional support, stress management techniques and lifestyle changes to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal function and health.

Do you take insurance?

I do not and cannot accept insurance. I accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and personal checks (for in-person clients only).

Do you work with people outside of the Santa Barbara Area?

I offer long-distance sessions via telephone and Skype.

How can I learn more about whether you’re the right practitioner for me?

The best way to determine whether we’d be a good fit is to hop on to the facebook page, read my blog and listen to my meditations. You’ll get a sense of who I am, where I’m coming from, and how I work. :)