Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle form of healing that encourages optimal health and vitality by using light touch to release restrictions and support the deeper mechanisms of health. These mechanisms express as subtle motion of tissues and fluids that can be felt by sensitive hands. With an in-depth understanding in the functions of the human body, especially the central nervous system, craniosacral therapists work under the framework that symptoms of disease are the manifestation of an imbalance within different physiological and energetic systems. By creating calm support for the nervous system, we allow a rejuvenating effect throughout the whole body and body systems.

The Body Intelligence training offers bodyworkers and mind-body enthusiasts the opportunity to explore embodied anatomy and supportive self-care while learning how to address trauma states, orient to health and wholeness, and understand the inner workings of the body on a much deeper level. Through touch, the body’s own priorities for change are listened for and encouraged to arise. The art of the therapist is to connect with the underlying forces of health and facilitate a process of natural reorganisation.