Nourish your most important relationship: the one with yourself.

Clarity Solos are the best possible way to focus deeply and profoundly on your own process, clearly seeing what it is you are actually believing, where and why you are holding tension, and then being able to shift your thinking to freedom. I can take you there and show you, because I've done it myself, and I've spent hours guiding others through self-inquiry on illness, breakups, anxiety, pain, etc.


In these sessions, I help you get back in touch with your sense of peace through greater awareness of your body, your feelings, and simple shifts in perspective.


Get Support Over the Phone, In Person, or Via Skype

You'll learn body awareness practices and exercises that help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and fear.

You can overcome difficult emotions and create a more joyful, vibrant life.  You'll leave feeling more grounded, clear, and confident.

How It Works:

Sign up for one session, or sign up for a package of 8, or go session-to-session.

One hour sessions $120, package of 8 are $800 ($100 per session). Live, Skype or phone.

If you really need to try this out and find it impossible to pay the normal fee at this time, please contact me about having a session at a lower fee that works for you:

These sessions are also available together with craniosacral work at my office in Solvang, CA

Success Stories:

Caitlin, I feel honored to have met you, and want you to know how much I have grown and gained from my short time at the retreat. I feel so much more centered than I ever have, communicating with parts I have pushed away my entire life. That warm, laughing light I felt in my session with you has been my daily companion, and I have realized it is my true self. I am emotional as I write this to you, but I feel like that was the first time I’ve ever felt it and understood what it was- my true inner light. You and that session guided me to it. I will be forever grateful.
— Selena, Participant from Northern California Retreat