Are you struggling with chronic pain?

I often see clients who struggle with daily, chronic pain due to injuries causing discomforts like back pain, shoulder pain or knee pain. Sometimes, the chronic pain is due to surgery or an autoimmune disorder like lupus or multiple sclerosis, or condition like fibromyalgia.

I know that chronic pain can be debilitating and depressing. I also know that over time, it becomes something much bigger than just a "bad back" or a "MS flare up." It's a quality of life issue that can affect your job, relationships, and day-to-day enjoyment of activities, family time and hobbies.

Chronic pain, whether from sciatica, whiplash, a pinched nerve, or other conditions can be very frustrating. It's often difficult to treat nerve pain with conventional medicine as nerve pain does not respond well to pain relievers, including narcotics.

People who suffer from chronic pain often turn to complementary and alternative medicine for relief.

What Craniosacral Therapy Can Do For Your Pain:

Craniosacral therapy, a complementary therapy for the treatment of chronic pain, works by alleviating tensions, calming the nervous system, and allowing the body to regain balance.

With craniosacral treatment, I can help you reduce your pain and feel better. Craniosacral therapy can help you move more effortlessly throughout your day. As you begin to feel better, you may find that your sleep improves, as well as your energy levels and overall mood. Craniosacral treatment can transcend just treating your pain. It can help you embrace your life to the fullest and keep up with the full life you already lead.

I use craniosacral therapy, therapeutic bodywork and mindfulness exercises, as well as lifestyle support to help decrease pain and promote an overall sense of well being. 

Here is what my clients are saying:

Huge Reduction in Stress Levels and Shoulder Pain with CST

"My first time ever receiving craniosacral sessions was with Caitlin. I trusted her and kept an open mind to the possibilities. Since we've started working together, I've noticed a huge reduction in my stress levels and have seen improvement dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and shoulder pain. I can say that my quality of life has improved in the last 6 months and with very quick results. Since beginning sessions, my biggest improvement has definitely been my mental state. I have greater focus with my stress levels slowly decreasing. What I love best about working with Caitlin is she's a great listener, and has a relaxing, calming way about her. She creates a tranquil atmosphere and I love the routine and the flow of the sessions. With her help, I've learned a new way to listen to my body and to be able to bring myself to a better state of mind from the sessions.

If you are someone needing a reset from your daliy grind or if you are wanting an alternative to surgical cures then Craniosacral and Caitlin are here for you! The most important thing that you should know about Caitlin is that not only is she a great listener, but she has a heart of gold! You'll feel totally secure when you talk with her. She focuses on your needs and helps you to know yourself better.

What I wasn't expecting to get from this work was a better sense of my body, and more importantly, a better sense of who I am and what I am capable of! Thank you Caitlin for helping me find more of life and of the beauty around me."

-Kenneth R, Radiation Therapist, Santa Maria, CA

Instant Relief of TMJ and Whole Body Relaxation with Cranial

"I was experiencing pain in my right jaw, or the temporomandibular joint as I learned it was called. It started with benign popping of the joint. Then, it escalated into an intense sharp pain when I would open my jaw too wide. This lasted for a few days before it turned into a more general soreness in that area and I enlisted the help of craniosacral therapy. I had tried standard methods of treatment prescribed by my doctor, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, ice, and heat. Sessions with Caitlin gave me instantaneous relief. But the benefits went beyond my jaw and it was able to relax my whole body, which I found out was very tense. I was actually able to eat after treatment, whereas before I would have a hard time opening my mouth wide enough for even a sandwich. This became a real issue as I was not getting enough calories. I felt the craniosacral therapy working in the first treatment. I am very pleased with the outcome, and have been back numerous times as I feel progress every time!"

- J.B., accountant, San Luis Obispo, CA

End the cycle of chronic pain.

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