Is this you?

You have a passion for self-discovery. You believe in the healing power of touch and surrounding yourself and learning from people that are already walking their talk. You’re committed to a radical sense of peace, on a daily basis. This stage of your journey is about dropping any stress and putting kindness, compassion, and sanity above all else.

You love the idea of being able to revitalize your body, of making a difference in your (family’s) health, of having the wisdom and tools to create the healthy, sustainable lifestyle that you dream of… but you need support with how to actually approach it in your everyday life.

What do you dream for yourself?

  •  Overcoming chronic health issues
  •  Balancing your hormones
  •   Enjoying radiant skin and energy
  •  Freeing your body of aches and pains
  •  Learning how to eat right for your body 
  •  Eliminating PMS and enjoying your cycles
  •  Improving your digestion
  • Resolving pain issues and traumatic experiences
  • Healing yourself by making the correct lifestyle changes
  •  Eliminating anxiety, depression and fatigue
  •   Recovering after giving birth or experiencing illness
  •   Replacing stress with well-being
  • Becoming healthier, happier, and wiser as you age


If you’re drawn to using gentle and natural healing, you should be able to enjoy a delightfully simplified approach.

And if you’re not yet clear where to start on your journey, I’m here to help.

I provide a holistic therapy, craniosacral therapy, that works to integrate the body, mind, and emotions and support your body’s own self-healing mechanisms… This way, everything that you provide your body is well rewarded. When we’re in a mode of stressful living, our body has to work twice as hard, so giving yourself the opportunity to slow down, release tension, and replenish energy can do wonders for immunity, hormone balance, pain and stress management, and my personal favorite - mood!

Here you’ll find inspiration, step-by-step guidance, support and community so you can thoroughly enjoy your inner life and feel more committed and better able to not only radically improve your health, but also deliver your gifts, passions, and presence to the world.