These sessions are meant to land you in the deepest core of who you are.

Through hands-on facilitation, integrated breathwork, ceremonial ritual, and guided awareness practices, you'll discover more freedom that allows you to express who you are authentically as you untether painful or worn-out patterns, and instead, deepen into your own presence.

I designed these longer sessions because I saw the transformative effect that happens during personal retreats when we're given a real sense of timelessness to settle in, open up, and listen to what our bodies are ready to reveal.

By devoting a couple hours, you're able to access and integrate deeper parts of your mind-body-soul connection.

In these sessions, we'll get to the root of any current struggles, patterns or pains you are experiencing, cultivate your courage and clarity to move through them, so you begin the process of healing, stepping into your power, and move further into full embodiment.

This session serves as a great initial session to introduce you to how we can work together and to determine if we are a great fit, as a follow-up if you have worked with me in the past or for those who have established practices and wish to work with me on a one-off basis.

While these sessions are held in-person with hands-on work, you may also choose to work virtually via Skype or phone. 

If you're new to biodynamic craniosacral therapy, you may read more about my approach here.

These two-hour sessions offer potent healing space and stillness to contemplate, integrate, and redesign any aspect of your life that needs more loving attention.

Investment: $125

You'll walk away with:

  • a felt sense of belonging and wholeness - being embodied, carried, and loved
  • the kind of loving audacity and stability that catalyzes your highest potential
  • the tools and support to keep you centered, clear, and connected to yourself and your higher vision

When you flip the switch (and the story), you ignite the power to see, hear, and feel your own guiding presence.

Recalibrate your body, reset your mind, and reconnect to your heart.