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Balancing the complexities of life can be challenging at times and can affect our physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. Our sleep can be affected, digestion disrupted, hormones off kilter, injuries taking longer to heal than it feels they should, anxiety and stress levels heightened, immune system left depleted- these can all have a big impact on our day to day existence.

My absolute passion and focus is working with men and women to help them optimize their well-being and create meaningful change in their lives. I feel blessed to serve clients and many families from Lompoc, Santa Maria, Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Goleta, and other surrounding communities at my Solvang and Santa Barbara clinics. 

My mission is to not only help you come into relationship with the healing potential of your body and restore balance, but also to empower you with resources alongside treatment so that you continue your journey with support. I integrate biodynamic craniosacral therapy with acupressure, yoga therapeutics, and whole foods nutrition to offer a truly holistic experience.

You can find relief from stress, pain, and fatigue, and come to embody your full health potential with the wonderfully restorative craniosacral therapy. As it encourages optimal health by using light touch to release restrictions, it's the primary tool I use because it works gently with the source of pain and imbalances to support physical, mental and emotional balance.

I commonly support those seeking help with:

  • TMJ Dysfunction and Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Tinnitus
  • Fertility support
  • Anxiety/Stress/Insomnia
  • Digestive distress
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Birth issues and Breastfeeding challenges
  • Pregnancy/Postpartum
  • Whiplash
  • PTSD
  • Low back pain

I provide integrative treatments and mindfulness-based wellness support through sessions, classes, workshops, and retreats.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Restore balance and resiliency to your body and mind. Resolve the tensions caused by stress to enjoy better sleep, digestion, energy, and clarity. In session, you'll experience deep levels of relaxation to help clear issues like anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and pain. You may leave feeling calm and energized, with a greater sense of awareness and ease.

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Biodynamic refers to wholeness - that regardless of past experiences, conditions, and challenges, our essential health is always available. Through mindfulness exercises that support your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself, you'll access deeper levels of rejuvenation, similar to what you can experience in a cranial treatment. You can begin to live connected to this sense of wholeness to reduce stress, feel less reactive, and more spacious and calm. Whether you're feeling depleted or overwhelmed, new to meditation or not, these sessions can help you create a home practice you love.

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Restorative Movement

Deepen your understanding of the body to move with more ease. Alleviate tension patterns causing carpal tunnel, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, and more.

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Watch former NFL player, Ricky Williams, talk about how CST has helped him recover from concussions and sports-related injuries.

Caitlin, you are one of the sweetest and most thoughtful individuals that I have ever met! I am truly blessed to have found you - your kind heart, patient ears, and healing hands - during such a stressful time. I can’t believe that after just a few sessions, my neck pain, PMS, and cycles are SO much better. My cravings are barely ever there now. I’m going to miss floating on the table, but I’m excited to feel so much calmer. My sessions were heavenly. Thank you from the top of my head down to my toes. Literally!! Lots of love.
— Jenny E., Solvang, CA

About Caitlin Lyon

Caitlin is a fully-certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, wellness coach, movement educator, and insight yoga teacher with over 3000 hours of mind-body study and wellness education. Through mentoring, workshops, and retreats, she's supported hundreds of men and women in creating more ease in their bodies and life.

Caitlin specializes in addressing emotional health, chronic pain and stress-related conditions. In addition to her private practice in Santa Barbara and Solvang, CA, she is also the creator of popular healing yoga series, including Heal and Reveal and Yoga for Hormonal Harmony. Each month, she shares actionable wisdom, recipes, and inspiration for leading a healthy, happy life.

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Sometimes, trying something new can be daunting. This is a great way for you to meet me and get a feel for how I work, and discuss any health concerns and goals that you have before working together.

More Words from Happy Clients:

Caitlin, I feel honored to have met you, and want you to know how much I have grown and gained from my short time at the retreat. I feel so much more centered than I ever have, communicating with parts I have pushed away my entire life. That warm, laughing light I felt in my session with you has been my daily companion, and I have realized it is my true self. I am emotional as I write this to you, but I feel like that was the first time I’ve ever felt it and understood what it was... You and that session guided me to it. I will be forever grateful.
— Selena, Participant from Northern California Retreat
Since we’ve started working together, I’ve noticed a huge reduction in my stress levels and have seen improvement dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and shoulder pain. What I love best about working with Caitlin is she’s a great listener, and has a relaxing, calming way about her. With her help, I’ve learned a new way to listen to my body and to be able to bring myself to a better state of mind from the sessions.
— Kenneth Reg, Radiation Therapist, Santa Maria, CA
I had tried standard methods of TMJ treatment prescribed by my doctor, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, ice, and heat. The craniosacral therapy gave me instantaneous relief. But the benefits went beyond my jaw and it was able to relax my whole body, which I found out was very tense. I was actually able to eat after treatment, whereas before I would have a hard time opening my mouth wide enough for even a sandwich. I felt the craniosacral therapy working in the first treatment. I am very pleased with the outcome, and have been back numerous times as I feel progress every time!
— Blair Biegel, Accountant, San Luis Obispo, CA