You can have amazing skin.


Your skin is a complex, living, breathing, hard-working, beautiful thing-  a reflection of your internal health and well-being. I treat even the most complex skin conditions holistically by treating internal imbalances and supporting cellular regeneration.

Relax muscles in your face and neck and soften wrinkles without the use of botox or scary, toxic methods.
— Caitlin

Your Signature Skin Treatment includes:

Rejuvenate Your Whole Body

Rejuvenate Your Whole Body

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is extremely helpful in releasing stress, relaxing the body, healing muscle stiffness, restoring balanced muscle tone, supporting hormonal balance, improving circulation, lymph flow and encouraging detoxification.



Repair the layers of your skin

Repair the layers of your skin

Organic Skin Care

Each treatment includes the purest, organic essential oils, flower essences, energetic serums, balms, mists, and oils to boost the skin’s immune system, reduce inflammation, and stimulate circulation of lymph and blood to help flush the cells of impurities. I select oils and products crafted using the ancient techniques honored by Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine to be customized for you.

Reveal softer, more youthful skin

Reveal softer, more youthful skin

Ayurvedic Facial

Experience how this unique combination of gentle balancing touch, acupressure with the use of marmas (vital energy points), and stimulating scalp and ear massage with my selection of botanical oils can deeply calm, refresh, and re-energize your face and whole being.

You'll also receive:

skin wellness coaching: learn the best foods and remedies for your constitution and skin issues

my recommendations for your skin: from body care to makeup brands and the right essential oils for you

These treatments are amazing for:

  • headaches + migraines
  • sinus congestion and brain "fog"
  • sun damage and dry skin conditions
  • TMJ symptoms
  • stress-related tension and anxiety
  • natural, time-tested, healthy aging skin care


Holistic Skin Treatments