These sessions are the best possible way to center and focus on your personal process.

I hold space for your grief, confusion, healing, and transformation.

For the parts of you that have been ignored, buried, dismissed in the past, or neglected along the way.

Living in a world of constant pursuit, speed, and pushing through, we often find ourselves sacrificing who we are to fit in or survive, abandoning or ignoring parts of ourselves that are longing to be heard, felt, and expressed. Making space and time to slow down and tune in with reflection is an essential support to coming home to ourselves.
Belonging to ourselves. Restoring ourselves. So we can engage the outer world authentically with soul.

Working with me is about deeply knowing, sensing, and embracing your whole self and the physical and emotional patterns currently influencing your life.

I’ve found that having the somatic education and skills along with a real-world understanding of how our nervous system works is what allows us to strengthen the peace within ourselves and endure change and challenge feeling more embodied, powerful, centered, and whole.

As a facilitator, I guide individuals to uncover, awaken, and strengthen the wisest and most authentic parts of themselves.

Whether in person or working virtually, I use stillness and deep, spacious listening to help facilitate change and transformation, rest and renewal, self-compassion and clarity. At the core of my work is an unconditional devotion to helping you cultivate trust in your own perceptions, gifts, and self-awareness. I believe this integration is where your intuitive knowing resides. Where you deepen trust in your whole self for ongoing well-being and growth.

I'm here for you as a guide, healing educator, and facilitator.

In this capacity, I listen deeply and intuitively to your story, invite you into a place of inquiry, and offer gentle guidance as you cultivate body awareness to deepen your connection to yourself, embody more of your wholeness, and experience a greater sense of wellbeing.

As a mentor, I offer guidance and support to help you listen to the messages of your body and untangle conditioned patterns, cultural norms, painful beliefs, and inherited narratives that have shaped your life so you can step into a new way of being. Together, we create patterns of connection and resilience, instead of numbness, hiding, depletion, shame, fear, self-doubt, or disconnect.

Our conversations may involve meditative healing practices, activating whole-body listening, and unpacking the stories and tension currently showing up with your desires and your fears, always making space for both.

Sessions with me are mindful, experiential, integrative, deeply personal, and sometimes emotional.

It's always my intention to meet you where you are and listen to you with my full presence and life experience - to honor your wisdom, deep-rooted health, and all that has brought you here.

With compassion and non judgment, I will guide you more to the core of stillness and inner listening, releasing what doesn't serve along the way, receiving what is ready for you to reclaim, and returning to the world with strength and the courage to offer your gifts to the world.


I work with diverse clients- yoga teachers, hospital directors, professional performers, healing practitioners, mothers of special needs children, caregivers, social justice and NGO workers, physicians, artists, those new to meditation, those living with illness  - and have helped each find their own path of self-nurturance and inner sustenance.
Like you, every one has been seeking a more authentic, courageous, wholehearted life.

I can help you:

  • develop your meditation practice while better understanding how YOUR nervous system works
  • access more peace, presence, and power in your life
  • soften protection habits and defensive strategies causing tension or anxiety
  • regain trust in your ability to heal and trust yourself
  • strengthen, heal, and clarify boundaries
  • work through fear, freeze, and resistance that keeps you stuck
  • deepen your self-care practices for greater healing integration
  • excavate the stories you carry from your lineage
  • cultivate self-trust and self-compassion
  • feel more connected to your intuition
  • step more fully into your leadership as a meaning-maker and embodied human

The Logistics:

I offer most of my mentoring work via Zoom, FaceTime or phone, so we can work together, no matter where you live.


There are currently two ways of working together:

Single Session

If you're...

  • new to me and never worked together before
  • working through a specific tough spot
  • wanting a one-time session
  • an established client needing a touch-in

This 75 minute session is a great way to begin.

Investment: $150

Renewal Mentoring

If you're...

  • looking to deepen your skills and self-care
  • resonated with what you've read so far
  • wanting to feel more present and grounded
  • passionate about staying connected to yourself

I offer these 6 sessions to get to the deeper healing that wants to emerge.

Includes email and text support in between sessions.

Investment: $750 or 2 payments of $375.


There are beautiful benefits to meeting online:

  • you get to stay in the comfort of your own home while we sit together
  • if you travel for work, we can still connect
  • we can continue work even if you're taking vacation or having to leave town
  • meeting online simplifies childcare issues and cost as well as travel expenses
  • stay home in inclement weather and easily avoid the traffic 
  • if you haven't found a practitioner or support provider near you that you resonate with, you can have access to me
  • maybe you need specialized expertise in mind-body healing, soul work, or trauma recovery, and there's no one near you who fits what you're looking for

Whatever the reason, I'm delighted to support you with online sessions. 

And if you're in Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo County, you're welcome to arrange an in-person sitting.

Foundational elements of the work:

Compassion. Mindfulness skills. Dreams. Earth medicine. Being witnessed. Listening tools. Beauty rituals. Gratitude. Grief rituals. Presence. Connection. Boundaries. Trauma healing.