Elevate your beauty care with this clarifying coaching session.


From breakouts and sagging skin to breast health and sinus congestion, there are natural, super-practical solutions available. In these sessions, you'll be inspired with fresh, fun, insightful wisdom that will simplify your life and bless your beauty.


You'll leave knowing how to use foods and botanicals to repair and balance your skin for years to come.

Identify the underlying causes and imbalances

Identify the underlying causes and imbalances

Receive tools and resources for your dream body

Receive tools and resources for your dream body

Skin Consultation

We'll start off with your main concerns. With a photo or seeing you via Skype, I'll do a health assessment based on the map of your face. Your skin tells me what may be going on internally. Then, using my expertise in Ayurvedic healing, Chinese Medicine, and Naturopathic Nutrition, I can determine how to better support your rejuvenation routine. 

30 minute Coaching Session

Ready to learn what your skin conditions are revealing? Become the master of your own wellbeing and prevent premature aging by understanding your body on a much deeper level.

By making informed choices about the consistent and daily habits you make, you are regenerating your health, keeping toxic products out of your household and our waterways, and contributing to greater community wellbeing.

Self-care rituals restore our sense of wholeness, sensuality, and inner radiance, and when you feed your skin with ingredients that are pure (both internally and externally), you’ll see AND feel the results.
— Caitlin

You'll Receive:

  • list of customized blends to use (internally and externally) for your skin - from teas to essential oils and foods- emailed to you
  • my favorite selection of makeup brands, recipes, body care products, and resources for your budget and lifestyle
  • confidential space to talk about more intimate matters as well (yeast infections, acne, cellulite, etc.)


Investment: $97