I hold space for people’s pain, growth, grief, healing, and self-discovery.

A client once said “It's like you give us lightworkers the fuel for our lamps. While I often don’t know exactly how to define my one-on-one work, I agree with this sentiment the most.

I am a guide, body wisdom awakener, mentor, life transitions doula, and modern day medicine woman.

I listen deeply to your story, invite you into a place of connectedness, and offer gentle guidance as you journey your own depths. I walk alongside you as you seek to live more authentically, more courageously, and with more resilience and clarity.

I work with diverse clients – a realtor in Los Angeles, a doula in Santa Barbara, an art student in London, and a mother with a special needs child in Northern California – and have helped each of them step more courageously onto the path that calls them forward. Like you, each of these people is seeking a more authentic and wholehearted life.

I will help you find clarity, self-compassion, and courage as you reflect on your own life.


This is a custom-tailored session just for you.  

Our conversation may start with a guided meditation that will open you to your intuitive knowing. I may invite you to explore the inherited trauma and/or wisdom that came down through your lineage, or it may involve an exploration of what messages your body is sending you. We’ll move fluidly between your longings and your fears and we’ll create safe space for both. We’ll unveil the stories you’re carrying with you and we’ll check in about which ones might be holding you back.

With compassion and non-judgement, I will guide you into your body wisdom, inviting you to release what doesn’t serve you on the way in, receive what is waiting for you at your own center, and return with courage and strength to offer your gift to the world.

We'll have an initial coaching session to get clear and then I'll design the specific outline for your healing experience, self-care, and energy protocols. 

Leave the deep dive renewed and grounded.