Strong Foundation for Lifelong Movement

Building a steady foundation in whole body movement is essential for the long-lasting health of your joints, muscles, endocrine system, and heart. I work with people through all stages of life and recovery, from those considering a starting a yoga practice to those eager to teach or simply expand their understanding of the body.   Whether it's for healing repetitive strain injuries or deepening a committed yoga practice, my skills as a biodynamic-trained craniosacral therapist and movement educator can help you create a sustainable body and stay connected to healthy alignment.


Cultivate More Presence

Having more body awareness allows us to live more from the present. It's only with this self awareness that we can truly rejuvenate and be of service to authentic, meaningful connections based on respect, honesty, compassion, patience, and listening. But remembering to stay in touch with the body, take care of ourselves, and be real in relationships isn't always easy.  Being seen and heard is a kind of vulnerability that most of us would prefer to avoid and yet ultimately offers the sensitivity vital for empowered, wholehearted living. Whether it's feeling less reactive, having a calmer mind, starting over in a relationship, or healing from a trauma, becoming comfortable in the body and calming your nervous system is a key step. I use my biodynamic training to inspire clients to cultivate this through sessions and restorative self-care practices.


Nurture Stillness

Cultivating a deep relationship with stillness is essential for rejuvenation. All too often, we are living with an overactive nervous system that further causes tension and fear in our body and relationships, and blocks our creativity and ability to make decisions from a grounded place. I have supported countless wonderfully sensitive clients over the years move through stressful struggles and various states of trauma, loss, and unease. Using my background in compassionate listening, meditation, and mindfulness, I help clients build life-changing restorative practices that nurture the self-love found in stillness.

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