Thank you for your interest in my work. 

I'm refreshing my website at the moment but still supporting individuals and practitioners.  I'm happy to answer your questions about my work over email or a call while the final touches wrap up on the site.

Here are some things I can help you with:


  • renewing your connection to yourself
  • reconnecting with your intuition
  • recovering from stress, illness, and injury
  • building trust in your ability to heal
  • strengthening and clarifying boundaries
  • unlearning unhealthy relationship patterns
  • quieting your inner critic and cultivating self-compassion
  • sustaining self-care through difficult times to stay centered and more embodied
  • nourishing the reservoir that fuels your power
  • listening to your inner mentor - body, heart, and soul
  • taking steps to honor your soul path
  • refining your skills as a practitioner or facilitator

Groups & Retreats

  • connecting more authentically
  • the basics of holding space for others
  • rediscovering the sacred in your daily life
  • creating a safe, nurturing space for community
  • creating healthy practices for intentional living
  • talks discussing self-care topics
  • bodywork and mindfulness practices
  • yoga trainings and lectures
  • supporting transitions in organizations
  • personal retreats and group facilitation

Topics from past gatherings:

  • examining the stories we hold from our lineage
  • deepening therapeutic presence in our practices
  • trusting your process, growth, and transformation
  • engaging life-enhancing practices and tools
  • unraveling the social conditioning that restricts your true expression and place in the world
  • step forward as leader and change-maker connected to your natural gifts and unique strengths
  • reawakening your connection to the mystery

Send me a message. I'd love to hear from you!

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