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Balancing the complexities of life can be challenging at times and can affect our physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. Our sleep can be affected, digestion disrupted, hormones off kilter, injuries taking longer to heal than it feels they should, anxiety and stress levels heightened, immune system left depleted- these can all have a big impact on our day to day existence.

Restore movement for a healthier, more relaxed, pain-free you.

Sometimes, in response to physical knocks or emotional stress, the body's tissues contract. When the body is overwhelmed, the tissues stay contracted. Any trauma, stress, strains, or tension that remain in the body can restrict the body's functioning and may give rise to problems over the years, affecting hormonal, digestive, and emotional health.  Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch form of bodywork that allows you to deeply relax and tap into the body's natural rhythms to restore healthy motion in all systems of the body.
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Uncover areas of stress and tension or improve issues like back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, digestive distress, and sleep disorders.

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Go deeper with mentoring sessions where you can create a personalized home practice to calm and soothe your nervous system for greater vitality.

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Enjoy movement classes that are rooted in mindfulness, fluidity, and biomechanical alignment to move you toward optimal health.

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Caitlin Lyon

Caitlin Lyon


As a craniosacral practitioner, my primary focus is to create a safe and calming space where each client can feel empowered to live a healthier, more balanced and fulfilling life.  I'm a fully-certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and teacher with over 3000 hours of mind-body education.  I specialize in addressing emotional and reproductive health, chronic pain, and stress-related challenges.  Through sessions, mentoring, workshops, and retreats, I've supported hundreds of men and women in creating more ease in their bodies and life. 

It is my sincere wish that everyone realize their potential for a calm, clear mind and comfortable body. Regardless of past experiences, circumstances, and traumas, we can access a balanced state of health. 

If craniosacral therapy is new to you, I invite you to explore more or book a free consultation here. We'll chat about what you want to focus on and I can explain a bit more about what I do. I look forward to connecting!

Visit the Craniosacral Clinics in Santa Barbara or Solvang, CA

Atterdag Center, 1607 Mission Street, Solvang

Atterdag Center, 1607 Mission Street, Solvang



Gentle Treatments for the Whole Family

From allergies and anxiety, to autism and colic, the non-invasive nature of craniosacral work provides safe relief for all ages. 

32 East Micheltorena, Santa Barbara, CA

32 East Micheltorena, Santa Barbara, CA


Watch former NFL player, Ricky Williams, talk about how CST has helped him recover from concussions and sports-related injuries.

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