In honor of my teachers, lineages, and the inspiring humans I call family...

Friends often joke that I’ve lived many lives even though I look to be about 22.
It’s strangely true.

With that said, I feel it’s important to give credit to my lineage of teachers, mentors, and women of influence (known and unknown) from the many lives I’ve lived:

Lise Mifsud, my first anthropology professor, a forensic anthropologist who showed me the necessity of sensitivity and deep care when working with bodily remains and different cultures, especially with the Native American burial sites of California. She also introduced me to her mentor, Nancy Scheper-Hughes’s work that exposed class relations, corporate influence, and the scarcity, sickness, and death that impacts the lives of the women and children in Northeast Brazil. My passion for advocating for mothers and children most likely stems from the medical and sociocultural anthropology coursework.

Jane Goodall, whom I met when I was 17 while an anthropology student after many years admiring her and her books as the daughter of a veterinarian.

Emilio Banuelos, my first documentary photography instructor, who nurtured my way of seeing and documenting and showed me the power of sequence and rhythm in telling a story and creating platforms for other people’s voices.

Colin Finlay, whose work I’ve followed since my high school days. I’ll never forget stumbling upon an exhibit of his work during my time at Queen’s University in Belfast after following his work in Africa, and then walking into a session at the Academy of Art where he was our mentor. He is both artist and humanitarian.

Sylas Navar, one of the most gifted healers and bodyworkers I know, whom I met at my first craniosacral training at Esalen and who recognized my gift for seeing patterns and encouraged me to go to acupuncture school where I honed this skill. 

Lekma, my first meditation teacher, from the Kadampa Buddhism tradition, who taught me about anger, self-compassion, and dharma during my teenage years.

Soyoung Le, my first yoga and bodywork teacher, who introduced me to the world of naturopathy, massage, self-healing, and a daily practice of yoga when I was 15. She also introduced me to grace in death during her transition with breast cancer. When she died on Mother’s Day a few years ago, so did my spirit mother.

Sarah Powers, founder of the Insight Yoga Institute, with whom I did my yin yoga teacher certification back in 2007 that shifted my yoga and meditation practice for life.

Lisa Jansen, who gave me my first job as a public yoga teacher and manager for her yoga studio. She saw my intuitive gifts at the age of 19 and believed in me, and I’m so grateful to have her encouragement and support to this day.

Pamela Wilson, for her feminine, nondual understanding of life and her many, many hours of guidance and support during my dark(est) night of the soul.

Deepest gratitude as well to Franklyn Sills for his pioneering efforts, bringing us the original texts of craniosacral biodynamics and continuing the exploration, and for my biodynamic teacher, Carol Agneesens, and her lineage of teachers.

Cherionna Menzam-Sills,  especially for her feminine approach and voice to the Craniosacral work that gives me more strength and commitment to my own process. Grateful to experience her workshops from across the pond.

Thank you to Lindsay Pera, who has been a mystic mentor of mine for five years now and an encourager of my work with babies and families.

Hillary Schneider, leadership coach extraordinaire, my Taurean twin, and compadre along the journey, sharing her gifts boldly and spurring me on to do the same.

Kate K. McCarthy, my collaborator in courage, who continues to help me clarify my greater message and voice in the world. 

Sas Petherick, who has offered guidance in self-employment and service with warmth and insight.

Integrative Nutrition for the lifestyle education, kindred spirits, and resources that inform how I coach.

And thank you to the friends and space holders who’ve offered both their friendship and direct guidance over the years, many of whom helped me envision this current expansion of my work: Nanci Phillips, again Kate McCarthy, Spencer Cole, and oh so many more.

Thank you for taking the time to read. 

Influences  |  Yoga

Erich Schiffman  ///

When I first met Erich, I was 19 and longing to feel a closer connection to my body. My first training with him showed me how to make yoga my very own. Since then, I hold his teachings close, especially when working with beginners. He opened me to a new awareness of energy lines that continue to inspire how I teach and move today.

Samantha Brown ///  

A truly empowered yogini and healer, Sam brought me into my voice, my teaching, and understanding alignment in a way that could shift people's perspective and body patterns. I met her during one of the most challenging times in my life and she helped me discover how to calm the storm within. Through her, I learned what grace can look like. 

Kenneth Graham  ///

All heart, Kenny keeps it real as he teaches with love. Every class is exactly what you need and are meant to feel and hear. Kenny reminded me to see beauty even when I didn't think it was possible. People will often tell me I'm crazy for driving 4 hours to a yoga class. I respond, "Obviously, you've never met Kenny." Take my word for it. You'll be welcomed as you are and changed for life.

Sarah Powers ///

Interweaving yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal Psychology into an integral practice to discover and enliven the body, heart, and mind, Sarah is a true gem.  Discovering her as a young woman and experiencing her genius blend of yin sequencing (floor poses that enhance the meridian and organ systems) within an alignment-based slow flow is what keeps me staying balanced through every season of life. Training in yin yoga with her was priceless for my relationships as well.

Elena Brower  ///

Elegant, candid, enlightening. My teacher, mentor, and coach. She taught me the art of personal integrity and aligning my heart, mind, and body with my dreams... And then, the most important part - following through.

Tony Giuliano  ///

Like the big brother that I always wanted, Tony is a master of heart, endless inspiration (especially music), strength, and the healing that is possible through yoga. Grateful to call him my teacher. If you're in Silver Lake, you must go take his class.

Influences  |  Healing and Bodywork

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy ///  Learn more.

As my ultimate love and offering, it provides us the whole package for understanding how our minds and bodies work and respond to stress. Bridging research-based science, worldly spirituality, and grounded energy medicine, I'm finally able to explore all of my favorite topics: neurology, psychology, Spirit, the natural world, organs, tissues, architecture, elements, and channels. The potent quiet it offers has forever changed my life.

Five Branches University  ///

I accumulated over 2500 hours here through intense study in Chinese dietetics, naturopathic nutrition, Chinese diagnostics, meridian theory, tuina, cupping, and more.  Ultimately, I chose hands-on work over needles, but grateful for the insights and teachers that have informed my healing practice.

Carol Agneesens  ///  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Teacher

Carol demonstrates energy medicine with integrity. Her presence, her patience, and her wisdom culminate to support even the most sensitive being. 

Chakra Healing and Energy Medicine   ///  too many teachers to note here

I started energy medicine as a child, spending hours offering hands-on healing while communing with my horses. Had no idea that it was a "thing." Just knew the horses loved it. They brought me to healing in so many ways.

David Crow  ///  Bio

Through his beautiful prose and appreciation of the natural world, one can discover a more heartfelt connection to the plants, the planet, and the inner ecosystem. I received my Aromatic Alchemy and Essential Oil Therapeutics certifications with David. His mission and presence are vital for planetary healing, and his products are drops of nectar to cherish in our homes. Floracopeia is the main line of botanical products that I use in sessions.

Robert and Melanie Sachs  ///  Diamond Way Ayurveda

From Ayurvedic facial rejuvenation to pedikarma and Abhyanga, Robert and Melanie are a wealth of information when it comes to Ayurveda bodywork and healing. We are grateful to have them sharing their wisdom here in the West. 

Scott Blossom ///

Studying with Scott was my gateway to Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Yoga and how they can reside together. His Shadow Yoga workshops have inspired me with endless creativity when moving my body.

Reiki  ///  many teachers

Influences   |  Meditation and Satsang

Kadampa Buddhism ///

My first brush with meditation. Spending time with my teacher, Lekma, could soften the tightest contraction in my body. Her light-hearted humor brought insight to anger, warmth to sadness, and resiliency to so many emotions that this modern world claims for us.

Pamela Wilson  ///


Adyashanti  ///

Mukti  ///  Bio

My first satsang teacher, she gently guides even the most tender of hearts to more clarity and strength.

Gangaji  ///