I mentor passionate practitioners, supporting them in their work, business, and self-care.

Creating the conditions for us to flourish as practitioners and healing facilitators takes time and consistent care.

It’s a balance between tending to yourself and your own growth, knowing your edges, as well as giving attention to the relationships and integrity of your business. I can help you deepen your therapeutic presence and perceptual skills, and create, build, and grow your private practice in a sustainable, meaningful way.

None of us are meant to do this alone.

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Practitioner Mentoring

Ever feel like you wish you could talk to someone about clients and cases (confidentially) or your own emotional and bodily experiences while working? Wonder if you’re the only one that has strange sensations or feelings show up before, during and after working with clients? Want to learn ways to become a more trauma-informed practitioner, or discuss techniques or how to approach certain conditions? Desiring more somatic tools? Nothing is too weird to discuss in these sessions. And unlike what we can often anticipate or fear with “supervision,” I’m not going to criticize, judge, correct, or make you feel stupid for not knowing or already doing something. Instead, I’m here to bear witness, offer tools and reflection, highlight your gifts, and resource you with everything you need to feel grounded in your being and confident in your work and next steps.

These 60-70-minute sessions are for exploring your feelings and inner terrain, deepening your skills, clearing any murkiness from your session work, and gaining more tools and support to stay grounded, embodied, and feeling in integrity with your work. This is an invaluable way to be supported and resourced as a practitioner. $125

Business Mentoring

Feeling not-so-confident about your skills? Not sure how much to charge or what your niche should be (or if you should even have one)? Want 1:1 time with me to learn more about private practice or get feedback on current or new offerings? Or just looking to pick my brain? These calls are a blend of collaborative mentoring (where YOU are the vision guide) and consulting (where I bring my own business knowledge and experience to the mix) - with a dash of lightheartedness and laughter. I keep the rate for this discounted to make it more accessible for all practitioners, budding and established. $110


Need to integrate after an intense session? Have something stressful or traumatic come up that’s affecting your ability to work and you’re not sure what to do with it or how to resolve? These 30-minute sessions are for when you’re feeling confused or in the midst of something and needing a compassionate, outside perspective. I’ll listen, support, reflect, and guide you with somatic mentoring to clarify your intentions and perceptions, and bring you back to your center, feeling whole, grounded, and resourced. $75

If we’ve never worked together, you’re welcome to book a free no-pressure 30-minute consultation to experience my style, energy, and how I work to see if it resonates and would be helpful to you at this time.

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