I believe that you are whole, resourceful, and wise.

It’s simply my privilege to assist you in connecting to this wisdom in deeper ways.

Welcome to my teaching and mentoring site. Here you’ll learn more about my offerings (online and in-person), upcoming events, teaching, writings, and how to stay connected. I hope you find the support you’re looking for to nourish yourself, nurture your practice, and cultivate your gifts on behalf of a more beautiful and just world.

None of us are meant to do this alone. There is support along the way to help you listen to your body’s wisdom and live more authentically - in touch with your own wholeness, potential, desires, and gifts.

I am honored to be with you on the journey. With love and gratitude, Caitlin

My work is an offering of hope and empowerment - an invitation to reclaim and reconnect with your body’s physical and energetic power, presence, and wholeness.

I provide practical, embodied wisdom for women and the practitioners that care for them.

My approach is trauma-informed, resiliency-focused, body-led, grounded, reflective, and deeply compassionate.

Whether you are looking to better connect to your body, deepen your skills, or have the space and support to reflect and dig deep, I’m here.

Here’s how we can work together:

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Stay Connected

Trainings, Workshops, and Retreats

From private sessions to week-long retreats, we make space to reflect, renew and re-emerge.
2019 Dates will be announced soon.

"When we’re awake in our bodies and senses. The World comes alive. Wisdom, creativity, and love are discovered as we relax and awaken through our bodies." - Tara Brach

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