"As women, we tend to hold our grievances in our hips and thighs. Hip Massage stimulates the apna air of the womb and brings the uterus into a state of contentment while relaxing the hips and legs. It increases tejas, the mellow fire that safeguards intuition. Massaging the hips arouses feelings of love and nurturing. Once love is aroused in the womb, ancestral memories awaken." - Mother Maya Tawari

As women in modern life, we often subconsciously hold tension in our hips, legs, spine, and abdomen.  This can be due to past sexual trauma, birth trauma, sitting a lot (and often in stressful situations), or merely the expression of having to always be on, ready to “put out the next fire.”

In your sessions, we can incorporate this soothing technique to relax tight abdominal muscles, increase circulation around the ovaries, cecum and sigmoid (essential parts of your digestive system), and even help release rigid holding patterns.

The repetitive nature calms the nervous system better than anything else I've experienced.

Clients report feeling more energy flow through their bodies, emotional releases, and whole-body relaxation from this massage.

In traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, it is recommended that you receive hip massage during the waxing moon phase and the full moon, except for during mense, bleeding, or during times of mourning.

If you'd like to receive this hip massage, please book below to request.