Mindfulness. Self-awareness. Pathways for your practice.

These 1:1 sessions are a safe space for men looking to explore their own wholeness and healing, and deepen into their authentic selves with the support of a grounded, feminine mentor and somatic guide.

In light of the #metoo moment and destabilizing events of our times, I have opened up these sessions publicly after hearing, listening, and working with men who have reached out with questions, frustrations, confusion, and just as much yearning for emotional support, healing, connection, and reflection as the women being impacted.

The men that I work with have shared that they have a similar longing to know themselves as spiritual beings and to have support, guidance, and a closer connection and intentionality with their soul work.  Caring for our being often means going against the cultural conditioning and societal demands (to measure up, perform, be perfect, push through, be productive 24/7, value logic more than the sensual wisdom, etc.)

I'm honored that you're here and looking to contribute to a life more connected to your deepest self.

These sessions are for you if you:

  • are looking for a safe, transformational space that allows for depth and self-discovery
  • are ready to welcome a new paradigm of being, communicating, and relating
  • value the wisdom of a caring, respectful woman that embodies the deep feminine while honoring men's hearts
  • are experiencing shame, grief, depression, or a yearning for a clearer connection to yourself and path
  • want to have the gentle support to deepen into your authentic self  
  • desire a focus on your self-care practice, growth, and next best steps that honor your gifts, vision, and core values
  • welcome a more feminine approach to being seen in your tenderness, honesty, openness, and wholeness
  • are no longer willing to feel stifled, stuck, or disconnected from your self and soul's callings

These sessions are also for you if you:

  • have a loved one or are in a relationship with a partner that has experienced sexual trauma or is currently experiencing sexual shame or triggering, and you would like to be a better healing support
  • have worked with a coach or therapist in some capacity before
  • are passionate about growing into your own leadership and presence skills

In my opinion, true healing and mentoring isn’t solely about wisdom, technique and skill; it’s first and foremost about the quality of presence that is transmitted from the teacher or healer. This is why I highly recommend Caitlin - she has it all. Besides her many talents, she is truly gifted with a radiance that will touch, support, and empower the core of your being.
I definitely suggest doing a session with her and you’ll see what I mean!

- David M., author, teacher, Palo Alto, CA

 Together, we will:

  • attend to the emotional terrain and desires for your life that you're currently experiencing
  • help you set your intentions and do the brave work of focusing on the inner life and mystery of your essential self
  • utilize mind-body education to help you feel greater resiliency, authenticity, and connection amidst challenging times or when you're feeling lost or disconnected
  • explore techniques for releasing trauma from your body, heart, and mind as stories, strong emotions, or flashbacks arise
  • make space for your story (only if and what you want to share) and begin to rewrite your story in the now
  • work with those aspects of yourself (often feminine) that have been exiled from your sense of being (due to conditioning, family patterns, and lack of support in our culture)
  • support you in speaking what's in your heart and explore new territory of vulnerability and honest reflection and expression
  • work with somatic skills to navigate emotions, chronic stress or depletion, and cultivate embodied awareness

I can say that my quality of life has improved in the last 6 months and with very quick results. Since beginning sessions, my biggest improvement has definitely been my mental state. I have greater focus with my stress levels slowly decreasing. What I love best about working with Caitlin is she's a great listener, and has a relaxing, calming way about her. She creates a tranquil atmosphere and I love the routine and the flow of the sessions. With her help, I've learned a new way to listen to my body and to be able to bring myself to a better state of mind from the sessions.- Ken R. radiation therapist, Santa Maria, CA

Currently, there are two ways of working:

Single Session

$150 for 75-minute session. Available via Zoom video, audio, or phone.

Immersion Series

6 Weeks of Deep Support: $750

This offers a settled safety of structure and spaciousness for you to sink into presence, navigate the edges that you may bump up against as you’re shifting patterns and embracing more of your whole self, and have space and ongoing support to slow down, listen in, renew and explore your own intuition, self-trust, and embodiment. 

You'll receive:

  • 6 75-minute sessions as calls (audio or video) OR in-person sessions at Solvang office
  • email and text support in between sessions
  • recommended resources to support your path
  • a true container of care

We meet once a week or every other week, depending on your needs for integration in between sessions.
You're welcome to add sessions at a reduced rate for more consistency during our work together.

An important note:

This is not a therapy sessionIt’s not designed to fix or pathologize you or give you advice. Rather, it’s an agenda-free opportunity to be supported in listening to your own wisdom, to receive practical, life-changing education and grounded guidance to awaken the parts within to heal and reclaim yourself, and ultimately, rediscover your wholeness.

This is not about religion or applying my own spiritual beliefs to your experience. Instead, it's an experiential journey intended to help you reconnect with your authentic, embodied self by offering practices, reflections, and recommended resources for exactly where you are on your journey. I'll be honest and upfront if I feel that another teacher, mentor, or modality may be more aligned and helpful for you at this time.

It’s not a confessional or a magic bullet. Embodied learning takes time and practice. That's why we call it spiritual practice. We have to practice. Being human is messy. It's normal to bump up against things, to think you "should know this already." And life gives us plenty of opportunity to practice. Having a guide or experienced facilitator allows you to move through "stuff" more quickly, unhook from your own self-doubt or confusion, and do all of this gently with awareness so you can return to your whole self. Oftentimes, there's lots of humor, cussing, and lightheartedness shared too. You're welcome in your realness.

My role is to guide you to remember your wholeness and essential place in the universe, simply by being you. I offer you my presence, warmth, and deeply compassionate perspective where I share the tools, understanding, and mind-body education that has given me and my clients such immense gratitude, freedom, compassion, and a much greater sense of wellbeing. Together, we'll create new patterns of connection and resiliency instead of hiding, numbing, fear, or doubt.

I honor your conditioning, hurts, fears, shame, and confusion in today's ways of relating and being in the world. I have as much compassion for you as I do for the women that I work with - both in my private practice as a bodywork therapist, and as a meditation teacher, trauma resolution educator, retreat facilitator, and mentor.

This is the unique and rare opportunity to step away from life’s distractions, reflect, engage in deep learning and your own self-awareness - all with the witnessing, listening, deep caring and honest reflection of a gentle, yet powerful, non judgemental woman facilitator.

My approach is about working with the wounds and challenges we face, but our primary focus in session is always on restoring your whole being - self and soul. What this means is that I place less emphasis on resolving "issues" and more on cultivating connection to your wholeness and connection to life {force} that adds meaning and depth to your daily situations and how you show up in the world.

My Training and Relevant Skills:


I am a licensed bodywork therapist (LMP#49494) and biodynamic craniosacral therapist trained in trauma resolution. I've taught in various traditions of meditation and facilitated retreats for the past ten years. I was assistant director of a mindfulness-based personal retreat center where I offered private sits, silent retreats, movement and embodiment practices to both men and women on retreat.

I've sat, studied with, or been certified by incredible female teachers including: Mukti (Open Gate Sangha), Catherine Ingram (Dharma Dialogues), Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga Institute), Pamela Wilson (Fellowship of the Heart), Carol Agneesens (Pacific School of Biodynamic Integration), Jeannie Zandi (Living from the Heart), and Cheri Clampett (Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Certification). I'm currently in council training with Alexis Slutzky, doing coursework with Jeannie Zandi on providing safe spaces for men, and studying Feeding the Demons work by Tsultrim Allione.

I bring a collaborative, integrated blend of many modalities and tools to each of the clients I work with, including trauma resolution techniques, somatic skills, Biodynamic Craniosacral work, soul work from various wisdom traditions, and embodied meditation practices. I also use breath work, authentic movement and awareness skills, and other practices as led. I honor your inherent wisdom and all of your life experiences that have brought you here.

Some of the tools we may work with that I find helpful include:

  • Containment and Boundary tools
  • Guided meditation and somatic awareness
  • Feminine wisdom teachings
  • Contemplative practices and inquiry
  • Craniosacral therapy/therapeutic bodywork
  • Body-based guidance and breath
  • Authentic movement
  • Dialogue and conversation
  • Ritual and ceremony
  • Active listening
  • Compassionate communication skills
  • Soul work and visualization
  • Dream tending
  • Journaling, writing, and art-making
  • Trauma resolution skills

Connect here to begin.