My Values

I believe that you are whole, wise, and resourceful.

It’s simply my privilege to assist you in connecting to this wisdom in deeper ways.

I admire people who ask for support.

Too many of us are living disconnected from our bodies and therefore, not living our lives to the fullest.

Including the body in healing sexual and childhood trauma is essential to well-being.

I've dedicated my life to reawakening wholeness.

I help women heal their bodies, eradicate shame, experience their sensitivity as a super-power, and reclaim their lives and voices in the process.

I believe that the more we can relate to our trauma from wholeness, the more we can trust our resiliency.

And the more we work with and through the body, the more our trauma can be processed, completed, and integrated; our natural state of pleasure, balance, and feeling present become restored.

In our culture of speed and busy, I know we need more rest, space, stillness, and warmth in connection.

I believe we all need someone in our lives that can hold space for us with these tenants to create more safety and self-regulation in ourselves.

I believe you can't endure sexual abuse without experiencing body shame and spiritual trauma too.

You can't completely heal alone and there's far more to healing than medical treatment or talk therapy.

We all crave courage, connection, vulnerability, and sharing our authentic selves, and yet we're all often a little terrified of it too.

Even if you didn't have access to stable, loving presence and warmth as a child, you can learn to become your own compassionate ally thanks to a nervous system biologically wired for connection.
Thank you, neuroscience, for unveiling just how much we humans are wired for connection, belonging, and resonance with our fellow humans.

I believe that regardless of where you start out in life, crafting a living experience of connection, meaning, and fulfillment is possible and everyone deserves skillful support along the way.

Mindfulness shows us that our brain is capable of being engaged in experiences of upset while simultaneously witnessing and holding space for ourselves with kindness, as a loving parent or friend would when we're upset.

The more you strengthen the ability to be experiencing and holding space for these experiences, the more you can maintain inner calm in the face of life's challenges.

I believe every person has unique gifts to share. I love helping women discover theirs.

You have healing power, even if it feels hard to access at times.

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