Since 2008, I’ve been specializing in women’s health bodywork, providing whole-body, hands-on care to address:

  • fertility challenges 

  • digestive issues 

  • endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, and cysts

  • painful, irregular, and absent periods

  • pelvic injuries, surgeries, and pain

  • pregnancy (and losses)

  • sexual healing and trauma recovery

  • reproductive health concerns, including post-birth control syndrome

  • preconception and postpartum care

Each client is unique and thus each session is unique. No two sessions are the same.

Women often seek out my services when wanting to address:

  • Endometriosis + Pelvic Inflammatory Disorders

  • Pelvic Pain and Painful Sex/Numbness

  • Postpartum Challenges

  • Scar Tissue

  • Loss of Arousal + Orgasm + Intimacy Challenges

  • Menstrual Health + Period Regulation

  • Fertility + Pregnancy

  • Emotional Health + Trauma Healing

Together, we’re going to listen to your body, your wishes and goals for coming in, and your moment-to-moment needs - all of which can sometimes be surprisingly disparate - each part of us having different stories to tell, and with varying intentions or priorities.

For example, some women come in incredibly intent on receiving scar tissue work because a physical therapist or someone has told them that’s what they need. In their minds, this is what they’re coming to “fix,” but they may discover that their bodies indicate more trauma release work is needed first or boundary work, or grief being processed in another area of their bodies (like the womb, cervix, hips, sacrum, etc.) before moving to more specific scar tissue work.

In other words, sometimes other types of touch are needed and in other regions, either externally or internally, or certain things need to be spoken in a safe space before moving into deeper connection with the scar itself where it’s actually ready for touch and in a way that is not re-traumatizing or in a way that wouldn’t cause the body to further shut down or brace against the presence of another person’s contact. For many of us, we’ve become so accustomed to overriding our innate instinct to pause and be present to something. We’ve been conditioned to push through - painful Pap smears and pelvic exams, fast sex that doesn’t necessarily prioritize our pleasure, etc.

Much of this work can be about unlearning how we override our own impulses - our natural pacing and desires - to discover new ways to be present with ourselves, in tune with our needs and intuitive responses.

I offer gentleness, attentiveness, and slowness so that we can track your nervous system and wait for the invitation from your body that it’s ready for the next move, contact, more pressure, etc. Women often report that this is so gratifying and nurturing, offering new sensation and internal perception, and also so incredibly foreign to their typical experiences of receiving touch. That can bring up a mix bag of emotions, all entirely normal and understandable.

Ultimately, this way of working and listening changes the potential of our intimacy and agency in our bodies, contributing to showing up with greater voice, the fullness of our presence, and with lovers and practitioners alike.

I consider this work a doorway into bodyfulness - integrating all of these aspects of ourselves mindfully, with the support of skilled, conscious touch.

Sessions may include any of the following:

Holistic Pelvic Reintegration Care
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Abdominal Massage
Scar Tissue Remediation (internal + external)
Womb Care + Massage
Pelvic/Vaginal Mapping
Boundary Repair + Consent Exercises
Somatic (Sex) Education and Embodiment Mentoring
Pelvic Steaming aka Yoni Steams
Nervous System Regulation/Recalibration Techniques
Trauma Recovery Work

The Logistics:

I am currently booking bodywork sessions in my Solvang and Santa Barbara offices weekly. And in South Pasadena monthly.


Sessions are $125 for one hour, $175 for 90 minutes, and $220 for 2 hours. First sessions are always 2 hours long. This allows us sufficient time and space for assessment and getting to know when another before diving in to the more intimate aspects of the bodywork.

Our initial appointment includes an in-depth discussion based on intake form about your health, medical, emotional, sexual and relational history (when it informs our work together and while honoring your comfort level), as well as goals and current concerns. I’ll walk you through options of what I suggest we start with, listening to and prioritizing your goals, and then guide you step-by-step so you know what I’m doing before I begin. I’ll check in with you to see what puts you most at ease throughout the session.

After the initial session, we’ll discuss the length of future sessions moving forward, depending upon the complexity of what we’re addressing, and the depth and pace that you would most enjoy and be able to integrate and benefit from the most.

Outcalls are the same rate plus a $100 travel fee throughout Santa Barbara County.

Note: IN-HOME Postpartum Pelvic Bodywork House Calls are offered at $250/session, travel fee included.

I offer a sliding scale to WOC and military. Please email me directly to discuss.