What I Do

I help women heal and reclaim their wholeness.

Feeling fragmented, stuck, burdened by chronic discomforts, pulled in too many directions, burned out, or just not yourself are all signposts for when you’re living disconnected from your body. Anxiety, self-doubt, overwhelm, perfectionism, chronic pain or fatigue, unhealthy or nonexistent boundaries show up too. Working with me is about deeply knowing, sensing, and embracing your whole self and the physical and emotional patterns currently influencing your life. I’ve found that having the somatic education and skills along with a real-world understanding of how our nervous system works is what allows us to strengthen the peace within ourselves and endure change and challenge feeling more embodied, centered, and whole.


I hold space for you. And teach you how to hold space for others too.
In private sessions. In gatherings. At workshops and retreats.

As a facilitator, I guide individuals to uncover, awaken, and strengthen the wisest and most authentic parts of themselves. Whether in person or working virtually, I use stillness and deep, spacious listening to help facilitate change and transformation, rest and renewal, self-compassion and clarity. At the core of my work is an unconditional devotion to helping you cultivate trust in your own perceptions, gifts, and self-awareness.

I believe this integration is where your deepest knowing resides.


I mentor passionate practitioners, supporting them in their work,
business, and self-care.

Creating the conditions for us to flourish as practitioners and healing facilitators takes time and consistent care. It’s a balance between tending to yourself and your own growth, knowing your edges, as well as giving attention to the relationships and integrity of your business. I can help you deepen your therapeutic presence and perceptual skills, and create, build, and grow your private practice in a sustainable, meaningful way.

None of us are meant to do this alone.


I write about life as a practitioner and practicing human,
including the messy bits.

I talk about all things related to our womanhood and “lady-business.” I provide information relevant to wholistic, somatic education for women at all stages of self-discovery, self-intimacy, healing and reclamation.


I’m in private practice in Solvang and Santa Barbara as a craniosacral therapist specializing in trauma healing, stress recovery, and women’s health.

It’s easy in these uncertain times to feel fractured or fragmented - cut off from your own intuition, aspirations, and self-healing abilities. I teach women how to access and draw upon the deep intelligence of their body as a powerful source of clarity, guidance, and inner voice. For their personal, professional, and creative life. As one client cleverly puts it, “You help us heal our parts, hearts, and hurts.” My therapeutic bodywork sessions are about helping us better listen to our bodies and stay rooted in our wisdom. Clients share that they leave our sessions together feeling more whole, clear, and grounded.


I create healing spaces for more meaningful connection.

For the past ten years, I’ve taught movement and meditation while facilitating circles and retreats that serve as listening spaces for reflection, renewal, empowered storytelling, and community. For seasonal self-care, connection, ceremony, rituals, and rites of passage in modern life. People say I'm calming, grounded, gentle, wise, funny, quirky and that I carry a depth of wisdom that extends beyond my years with a deep understanding of the body, our humanness/womanhood, and how we hold transformative, alchemical space for ourselves.


I provide a mind-body approach to reclaiming our sexual potential.

For most of us, talk therapy is not enough. I’ve helped hundreds of women better understand and connect to their bodies, eradicate chronic pain and {sexual} shame, and experience their sensitivity and femininity as a healing power. I walk beside them as they soften self-doubt, learn how to establish healthy boundaries, and reclaim their voice, pleasure, and power in the process.


May we all remember we have an infinite potential of healing power,
even if it feels hard to access at times.