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In Her Words: Kate McCarthy

In Her Words is a special feature: a series that celebrates the incredible women that I get to work with- some as mentors, some as colleagues, and some as clients. The purpose of this series is to demystify what happens in our work together; offer inspiring stories and shares from the women that live them, and to illuminate the teachings and insights that may inspire you as you embrace your own path.

I'm honored to introduce you to my now dear friend, Kate McCarthy. Kate is a writer and creative mentor. She helps creatives wield the power of their unique and passionate voices with ease. Her passion, really, is to hear your heart and help you hear it better, too. Find her at her digital abode at or on Facebook or Instagram (her personal favorite!).

What were your top goals and intentions when you started working with Caitlin?

When I started working with Caitlin, I felt stuck. It was almost a visceral experience. I remember describing it to her like there was a blockage in the artery of my creativity, and I just needed to remove the blockage to get it flowing at full-speed again. I knew that, in working with her, that I would be able to come back to center, gather some awareness around what was constricted or blocked-up in my life, and figure out how to - through both physical experience and self-inquiry - unblock that creative artery.

Whenever we bring an outsider into the delicate nuances of our business and intimate moments of our lives, it can feel vulnerable. When you hired Caitlin, what were you most concerned about?

When I hired Caitlin, I was actually most worried about what I would find through the process of self-inquiry. I'm not new to the process of self-awareness and discovery, and I think that I was most afraid of what might break open as we dove deep into what was clogging up my creativity/business alignment.

What impact did your work with Caitlin have in your business (and life)?

I cannot understate how much working with Caitlin impacted my business and life. When I started working with Caitlin, I couldn't quite nail down what was standing between me and the success that I could see just on the other side. I felt the resistance, but I wasn't able to examine and remove it by myself. Working with Caitlin inspired me to step in and own my role as a leader, mentor, and facilitator of creative expression. I discovered a greater level of confidence and clarity around my business, and I was able to get really clear on an aligned vision for my business and life. Even more that the financial benefits (oh that sweet flow!) of working with Caitlin, I finally felt GOOD about where my business was headed.

What specifically did you achieve?

I got clear on what I wanted to offer and who I wanted to work with in my business. Through my work with Caitlin, I created a business model that builds organically, like a tree -- branching out, stable and sturdy, in all the directions of a multi-passionate life. I feel better and more alive in my business, life and marriage.

You've done incredible things in the last couple months; what's been your proudest or clearest moment?

I think that my clearest moment was in learning that I could have a business that holds my wholeness. One that could be both structured and spacious. One that provides for me, financially, and allows me to evolve and grow with it. Now, in addition to my copy polishing services, I've created two new (and entirely soul-driven) branches to my business: creative voice mentorships and soulful writing retreats. Plus, I now feel more grounded and confident in my pricing (and upped it recently!).

Based on what you learned about yourself in our time together, what's had the most impact on you? What ideas or concept do you find yourself wanting to teach or share with others?

I think that the thing that's had the most impact on me has been the connection between my physical experience and creative expression. I feel more courageous in my business, because I feel more aligned now.

Moving forward, what the next challenges that you're embracing in your work and life?

I'm stepping into the fullness of my vision for my business, and I'm currently turning my previous business model on its head. It's scary and feels like a major risk, but it also feels like I'm finally connected to the life-source of my business. This space is where the ease and flow (that I had been searching for so desperately) lives.

What worked for you about Caitlin's style, approach, expertise?

Though Caitlin is both compassionate and grounded, I felt gently challenged. She trusted in my wholeness and that the brilliance would show up, which it did. I found her to be entirely present and incredibly generous in our sessions together - always sharing something more, following up, and providing resources to continue our work together.

What are your top tips for others looking to lean into hiring a somatic guide and/or sharing their gifts more fully?

THREE TIPS. *Trust your intuition: The only way that this relationship works is if you're aligned with the person that you're working with. Make sure that you feel connected and that you're working with someone that you can be wholly vulnerable and honest with.

*Find someone who walks the talk: I've found that there's a lot of disconnect in the somatic world between messaging and personal practice. Find someone, like Caitlin, whose life matches their work in the world.


Thanks, lovely!